In The Garden

I love flowers in the garden. I don’t have a physical garden in my home but I’ll admit sometimes I go to Home Depot just to walk through the garden section and see all the pretty colors blooming.  I’ll see someone watering the plants and flowers to keep them alive and fresh.  As I step in the garden I start to think, there’s hope for me if I just plant a seed. I may not have a green thumb but I have a garden of hope.  You also can have a garden of hope. When we decide to plant seeds of hope, trust in God and water them regularly by reading God’s word we come alive.  If we allow God to grow us up in faith, love, and truth we will see the beauty that surrounds us when we are in the garden. 

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Hi Lori. I do have a physical garden and what strikes me is that it needs consistent care. If I get busy and neglect my garden it may not immediately show my lack of caring for it, but eventually, it will. On the other hand, if I tend it regularly, even though it may look the same for a while when spring comes I have a full garden of blossoms. My non-physical area of concentration is my family and friends. I’m looking for ways to care for them. It was so nice to work alongside you at the conference. I’m still reading your posts! They touch my heart.

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Hello Paula, so good to hear from you! You encourage me so. God bless you and thank you for the comments! I can’t wait to read your book. Keep living on pitch sister.


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