The Sweetest Memory

All it took was two simple items to jar my memory.  I was running late for church service and thought I was going to miss it.  I ended up being   just in time to be served a thin, wafer- like. piece of bread and a cup to hold in my hands.  All I needed was those two items : the cup and the  bread.  I then took a moment to reflect on the Lord’s table and was reminded of  two other  items : the nails and the cross.  All it took for me to receive the gift of salvation was represented in those two items.   Jesus chose nails and a cross just for me.  I am again reminded of Jesus’  life, death, burial and resurrection  It was such a sweet communion as I remembered God my Savior who died for my sins, was buried, resurrected and is risen.  What makes communion sweet for you?

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