Dance Steps

I recently watched a live performance of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and it was a great experience. The crowd was buzzing with excitement to see these dancers perform. I was buzzing also as I watched them effortlessly and gracefully take leaps, twists and turns, crawl, stretch and lift. As I listened to the music of each piece it was so moving to see how the dances were choreographed to the specific songs. Music and dance go together. That’s how it is with our relationship with God, I thought. We all can dance around on stage, but the choreography is what makes the performances special. God is the perfect choreographer to the songs of my life. He knows all the music. There’s no tempo too fast or slow. There’s no movement that is too complicated for God. When we take a leap He knows how to catch us. When life twists and turns He knows how to sustain and hold us. Even when we have to get on our knees and crawl, He knows how to show us He is there. We can stretch our arms out to Him and lift up our heads with confidence no matter how small or large the stage is. Knowing God is the perfect choreographer sets us apart from others. What stage are you on? Why not allow God to be the choreographer of your life songs?

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