Stop Signs

You ever notice how stop signs are red, some have flashing lights and are meant to be obeyed and seen? Have you ever run through a stop sign perhaps because you didn’t really see it? Or maybe missed a stop on your journey? I was talking to a friend about how to live on pitch the other day and realized that I missed a few stop signs in my own life. I’ll admit I’m a busy person and I try to do everything but I’m learning to stop trying to do it all. Truth is I can’t do everything. God is the only one who can do everything, be everywhere, see and know everything. I had to stop and say to myself, I am not God. I must stop trying to do everything. Health issues become my stop signs when I try to do too much. Another thing I am learning is stop trying to do everything right. It’s all imperfect. Unless God puts His supernatural hands on it, blows divinely on it and blesses it nothing I do is to perfection. Good and perfect gifts come from above according to the Bible. Fear and procrastination become stop signs when I try to do it all so perfectly. I have to tell myself God will accept it as is. When we ignore the flashing lights and fail to see the stop signs in life accidents can happen, life can get overwhelming and nothing gets accomplished. We lose focus on the Master by ignoring the stop signs. What do you need to stop ignoring or doing to live more on pitch for God? I pray you will see the signs, the flashing lights in your life and start living today.

2 replies on “Stop Signs”

Hey now! That’s it! That’s it! Look at God! You are a talking and walking blogger!You can bet I’ll be paying more closely to the stop signs in my life! Thanks for sharing. Amen 🚦🙌!


Living on Pitch. You sis, never miss the mark and are always so transparent in your writings. This is pretty awesome. STOP! I hear you, I too agree. Amen


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