Ultimate Recipe

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I love a good recipe.  Recently I watched a television cooking show, which I often do to unwind, and I found myself intrigued with the challenges faced by 4 chefs. They were all passionate about cooking and although they all had the same assignment, each one of them had a different way to do it. The instructions were given, they listened intently and then the clock started. They scurried around the kitchen from the pantry to their stations as they showed their love for cooking food and creating the best tasting dishes they could muster up. They were competing for a grand prize of $25,000. Judges sang praises about how the plating was and critiqued how the textures of the various items was satisfying or not. Whether they were winning or losing a round these chefs one by one showed how happy they were just to be in the competition and to cook for the world class celebrity chefs. I admired that. I wondered how often do I show God I’m just happy to be serving, be on his team and in His presence? How often do we get excited about the curve balls life throws at us? I’m pretty sure it’s not too often. When the expected ingredients of life get tossed in with the unexpected storms of life, we don’t always say God is going to make something good out of this. God is good and creating from scratch, revising menus and overcoming challenges are His specialty.  God is the Master of everything. There is no problem too big, no ingredient too unheard of to throw Him off course. With God we have the ultimate recipe to overcome any challenge. Thank God for that reality because with God’s help you can make it through each round.

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