Music To My Ears

Throughout the book of Psalms there are many references to singing, dancing and shouting. In chapter 33 there are several commands listed to shout for joy, give thanks to the Lord, make melody, play skillfully and sing. This passage reminds me that God is the Creator, the designer and maker of all things including music. God’s love commands us not only to hope in Him but also to express that hope in a way that others can see and hear. It’s audible, loud and expressive. It’s good to know the heavens and earth also acknowledge the steadfast love of God. Waters and seas follow His commands and the breath of God is so powerful it causes all the earth to fear Him. God is not an out of sight, out of mind kind of God. There is no need to wonder about tracking His location. To put focus on a position is pointless. To the readers of this Psalm all that really matters is knowing God sees us, hears us, delivers and keeps us. This passage clearly tells us He looks down from heaven, He looks out and observes our deeds. We can hope in God and openly express it all because of God’s steadfast love. That is good news and what I call music to my ears.

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