What I’m Learning from the COVID-19 Pandemic

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As you know we are in uncertain times with the corona virus ( COVID-19) pandemic that is happening around the globe.  I’ve watched the news reports, watched the shelves empty as people shop for basic needs, and watched how we all have become more aware of our hygiene and are cleaning responsibly.  This time of pandemic has grabbed our attention, changed our focus to mini retreats of being at home with one another.  It has brought a whole new meaning for me to the staycation, the stay at home, the telecommute, and the overall virtual experience.  I’m learning the real value of quiet time and solitude, but even more the value of gratitude.  I’m learning to pull over, turn off, be still and listen to God speak.  I’m learning to dial in, plug in, connect and reach out in various communication forms.  My takeaways are becoming giveaways.  I’ve lost some things materially but I’ve gained much more spiritually.   Maybe God has to take away our jobs and the stress, in order for us to give away words of comfort, encouragement and hope to others.  Maybe God has to take away our consumption of time spent focusing on mindless activities in order for us to be more mindful of Him and who He is.  I’m learning God is still in control of my life and I don’t have to quarantine the gospel.  I’m learning to just share it.  I may have to stay at home but the gospel of Jesus Christ doesn’t have to. The  messages of  hope found only in Christ Jesus have the power to overcome anxiety, hopelessness, panic and fear.   Here are a few scriptures to help us meditate on and share with others. (John 3:16, Romans 8:28-31,  Luke 12:22-24)




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Yes, indeed! It’s something how when you want to stay home, but knowing you have to is something else. I’m with you, it’s giving me the time sit back, reflect and keep me closer to God. Thank you for sharing that!❤️❤️❤️

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