To God Be The Glory

Slide 6 of 12: MINNEAPOLIS, MN - FEBRUARY 04: Head coach Doug Pederson of the Philadelphia Eagles celebrates after defeating the New England Patriots 41-33 in Super Bowl LII at U.S. Bank Stadium on February 4, 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Everyone has a story. So what’s yours? Millions of people watched the Super Bowl game over the weekend. The NFL highlights two of the best teams in their leagues.  Interviews begin as the excitement builds.  Lights. (there’s so many of them)  We eagerly anticipate the big day to sit around the big screens rooting for our favorite players and teams.    I listened as the stories began in my house. They were all about football, the calls the referees made, the snacks and good food, the best commercials, the sports commentators, and of course the half-time show. Then it was all over.  Our stories ended at the final score and the victorious win. Some of the players continued with their stories of sweet memories, hard work and dedication.  My attention was caught by a coach who said  these simple words, “all glory to God” and mentioned His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in his interview.  His story was not I am the best coach and my team just won the Super Bowl, his story gave glory to God. I don’t know his personal story but I thought, now that’s what I call living on pitch! That coach knows what I know, to give God all the glory is how you celebrate a victory and is by far the best part of the believer’s story.

Prayer: Dear Lord, no matter what I accomplish in life, let my story always be about you and for your glory.  Amen.

Wait For It


In my last post early this month, I wrote about God always answering prayer.  Well, I am a living on pitch witness today, that God still answers prayer.  I have been praying about a family matter, rather several matters, most of which have caused me to wait for answers but God answered one of my prayers recently.  I am so grateful I had to wait for it.  I’m so glad God doesn’t do spoiler alerts.  His answers to my prayers are always worth the wait. I’m giving thanks with a grateful heart.  Be encouraged and just keep praying!

Psalm 40:1 ESV  I waited patiently for the Lord; he inclined to me and heard my cry.


Saved by the Bell

I spent a few hours the other day with my Sunday School teacher who is 80 years old. She was happy to see me and reminded me of how much time had passed since she last saw me.  We laughed and chatted about growing up and growing old.  She smiled as she told me the story of the bells.  Each one sitting carefully  on a glass shelf inside a lighted display cabinet that reached from the floor to almost ceiling  height.  There was one that was too big to go inside of the cabinet. It sat on the hardwood floor right next to it.  She told me it was a family heirloom and said it was used long ago as the school bell.  The story began with her telling me about first bell she ever received.  She described how this little bell was the one that got her collection of over 100 bells started.  It was a small red bell with two crab legs for the handle. It wasn’t anything  fancy and it sat about mid-way in on the second to the last shelf.   She told me how this bell was given to her by a little girl she taught in Sunday School. She proudly told me how I was that little girl.  She loved collecting the bells and made sure I knew that every time she told others the story behind the bells she mentioned the little girl who gave her that first bell.  I stood there in front of the cabinet thinking of how many other stories were sitting there on the shelves.  She was blessed by a bell and I was even more blessed by her stories told in Sunday School classes and right there in her dining room.  I was blessed to spend a little time with her, to hear her tell  the story of the bells and listen to her share wisdom.  I pray that joy bells will always ring in her honor. I am thankful God allowed me to be in her class growing up and I’m even more thankful to sit with her many years later still learning from her teaching and wisdom.








A Scary Moment

We are being loved into existence! If God did not love us, if He stopped thinking of us, we would not exist.:

I was at a restaurant eating dinner with a friend and the phone started to ring.  I never heard the phone ringing because it was on silent. My phone was buried in my purse at the bottom and I was wrapped up in engaging conversation, background music playing and a fragrant candle burning.  I discovered later someone was trying to reach me.  Four missed calls but no voice messages left by the caller. It was a scary moment on both sides and when we finally connected, we were both asking the same question, Is everything alright?  It was my mother, she was concerned, really concerned about me because I had mentioned to her I wasn’t feeling well the day before.  She could not get a hold of her daughter, her baby girl.  She began to think something bad happened and it was very scary for her to think I wasn’t doing alright. I reassured her I was ok and I explained what happened with my phone.  I thought how scary it must be when we can’t reach people we care most about.   The mother who couldn’t reach her little boy after he fell in with the gorilla knows that was a scary moment regardless of what has been said about her being negligent.  The fact is mothers and fathers who can’t reach their children is scary.  Very scary.  God, our heavenly Father doesn’t have these type of scary moments with us.  Nothing we do frightens Him. God knows where his children are and although we may go silent, drift away , turn off and ignore Him at various times in life. He knows exactly where we are and is always right there to answer  our question that everything is and will be alright. Thank God for His care, concern and most of all His love.



I Can’t Celebrate Mother’s Day


It is the season to celebrate, wow and excite moms for a day.  We buy gifts, send cards and make phone calls to show our love but I can’t celebrate Mother’s Day  like a 1 Day Sale at Macy’s.  You see, moms deserve more than one day on a calendar, they deserve to be celebrated everyday.  They deserve to be honored. We’re blessed to have mothers past and present who’ve shown their love everyday in so many different ways. I don’t think I can schedule express love for mom in just one day. I need to just do it everyday.  I will honor my mother just like the Bible says to do.  My mom always said to me,” Mother’s day is everyday.” That means when I run an errand for her, help her or the grandkids out with a project, remind and take her to a doctor’s appointment, put gas in her car, call or text her, (even though she doesn’t always  text me back), it’s Mother’s Day.  It’s also when I cook dinner, take her shopping, get the bags out of her car,  pull the car around for her when she is tired of walking, help her stay organized with bills, clean up the house, decorate for a family gathering, laugh and cry with her, or do whatever she asks me to, it’s Mother’s Day. So I will continue to honor my mom daily and let God wow and excite her beyond what I can do in His own chocolate-dipped, freshly crafted kind of way.

Exodus 20:12 (ESV) says “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.


Nobody Likes Me

1c7638b65dadab1774916664d6054a07  The other day I helped my nephew with a school project.  It was a last-minute request and I had to use my creative thinking skills.  I was hungry and just got home from work, the last thing I wanted to do was learn how to make something out of cardboard boxes and newspapers.  We thought and created, we worked diligently to get a finished product both of us could be satisfied with.  After our work was done, my nephew expressed so much joy because I helped him create and design his project.  He thanked me for giving him a boost.  He was ready for school and full of confidence.  He wasn’t worried anymore about not being picked to work on a team for the project.   I reminded him he was always on God’s team.  He thanked me for spending time during the week with him and also thanked me for my help.  My nephew taught me a lesson on giving thanks that night.  I learned  to thank God for the boost He gives me whenever I spend time with Him.  I learned to thank God for being my help when I have feelings of being left out, unwanted, not good enough and all alone.  I learned to thank God for choosing me and for His daily presence in the midst of my cardboard and newspaper life. God created and designed me. God likes me, but more importantly God loves me.