Nobody Likes Me

1c7638b65dadab1774916664d6054a07  The other day I helped my nephew with a school project.  It was a last-minute request and I had to use my creative thinking skills.  I was hungry and just got home from work, the last thing I wanted to do was learn how to make something out of cardboard boxes and newspapers.  We thought and created, we worked diligently to get a finished product both of us could be satisfied with.  After our work was done, my nephew expressed so much joy because I helped him create and design his project.  He thanked me for giving him a boost.  He was ready for school and full of confidence.  He wasn’t worried anymore about not being picked to work on a team for the project.   I reminded him he was always on God’s team.  He thanked me for spending time during the week with him and also thanked me for my help.  My nephew taught me a lesson on giving thanks that night.  I learned  to thank God for the boost He gives me whenever I spend time with Him.  I learned to thank God for being my help when I have feelings of being left out, unwanted, not good enough and all alone.  I learned to thank God for choosing me and for His daily presence in the midst of my cardboard and newspaper life. God created and designed me. God likes me, but more importantly God loves me.

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