It’s All God

71b07f1a8ee690ee43f911f1e7c6fdb5About a year ago, I  went to the doctor for a specific health issue.  I had to have a minor surgical procedure as a result and thought everything would be just fine, so I thought.  The doctor told me I had to be put on medication right away because I had another issue going on.  It was a bad combination of D words that kept playing over in my mind.  I heard the diagnosis,  had to change my diet, felt devastated and depressed then the came the big one…diabetes.  It was a shock to hear I had an illness.  I had to lose weight. I  had to face the truth and deal with this new reality.  I worked hard to become more educated, eat right and started to incorporate  more exercise in my life.  I am no longer depressed about it and I have good and bad days but I remain focused on living a healthier lifestyle.  I learned a lesson through this diagnosis.  It led me to make a decision to trust God to see me through every challenge I face.  I, of course had to do some things differently  but God didn’t.  He was already doing the same thing.  God was still being God.  God was still in control so I knew I could trust Him to be unchanging and unfailing. It’s a daily decision to trust Him with my health issues and my actions.  God knows the plan and the purpose so I must trust it’s all working out for my good.

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