Prep Work

prep food

It’s not always easy to do prep work in the kitchen.  Discipline is required as well as time,  knowledge and planning are crucial.  I watch several  cooking shows on TV and am always captivated by how the food is prepped before the final recipes come together on the shows. Someone is usually behind the scenes chopping, measuring, storing, cleaning, handling and preparing for the final dish.  That’s TV  life but not always the reality in church life. We must do the work, including the prep work. Sometimes as leaders we say we are ready and willing,  but not really mentally ready to serve.  Sometimes we have little to no time to do much prep work before serving. Prayer is prep work. I wrote this prayer of preparation for those times when I feel uncertain, nervous and unsure of my ability to  lead, sing or stand in front to speak.   How do you prepare when you feel you’re not quite ready but called to serve?

Prayer of Preparation: Lord prepare me when I’m unprepared and a little scared.  Prepare me when I’m called to serve and all I feel is nerves.  Lord prepare me when I’m chosen to be a light, that others will see you and not me. Prepare me to sing of your praise and give you all the Glory. AMEN

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