On The Move with Hannah’s Heart

10489810_899444383402569_8699195845294504025_nWe are still catching up with a few of our friends over here at Living On Pitch.  With Mother’s Day approaching, I thought it would be nice to catch up with Ms. Krystal Walton , the Founder of  Hannah’s Heart.  While I am not a mother, I have plenty of friends who are and I also realize the precious gift of motherhood.   Hannah’s Heart is a blessing to all moms and I love that Ms. Walton shares so openly and freely her prayers, devotionals and aspirations to live for God. Click on my blogroll to the right or below to visit Hannah’s Heart website or like her HH page on Facebook.  I appreciate having a place to refer to my friends who are moms needing a little encouragement and inspiration.  Hannah’s Heart comes from a mom who is striving to live on pitch.  Keep up the good work Ms. Walton as so many moms need to know they are not alone.   We salute you and thank you for Hannah’s Heart.

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