Drawing Near

Have you ever thought about how close you really want to be to God?   I love worship songs that remind us of how good it is to be close with God.   I love spending time with my close friends and family, but there is nothing like being in God’s presence, drawing closer to Him. There are times I can feel I am a little distant even though I regularly attend church and serve in ministry. Those are typically times when I am living off pitch instead of living on pitch.  I have to remind myself,  don’t let situations, things or people draw me away from God. I must stay in tune with the Master long after the song has ended and church service is over.   I’ll read my bible, pray, sing hymns, memorize scripture and I will encourage myself in the Lord to help me draw near.  If you’re like me and sometimes you get off pitch, concentrate on being close to Him. You can do it.  We all can draw nearer.   How do you draw closer to God?

Today I’m sharing the song, Just to Be Close To You by Fred Hammond. I pray it ministers to you as it has done for me today.  I desire to be close to God, draw me nearer is my prayer.

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