What Are You Looking At?


Have you ever found yourself intently focused on or consumed by something?  It could be a challenging workload, a serious health concern or surgery you have to face, a job interview, a new assignment, an audition, an upcoming test,  a family matter, or a financial situation that causes you to take a hard look.  I had a situation that I kept looking at recently. I was staring at it trying to figure it all out, cover all my bases, prepare and think everything through.  I was staring at my mountain telling myself, this is not going to be an easy climb.  I stared at my valley experience and thought, I don’t want to go through this all alone. I needed help and I didn’t really know how to ask for it because all I could see was the matter that was right in front of me.  I found a better way to focus and view  this mountain in my mind.  I determined to look instead of stare.  Staring  stalls me.  If I stare at my problems, difficulties, life issues and concerns too long I don’t make progress. I get nowhere when I stare.  When I look to God and ask Him for help, He provides knowledge and wisdom to move forward.  I don’t have to have it all figured out. I don’t have to worry about the outcome. I learned a valuable lesson which was to see clearly, I must look to the hills instead of staring at my mountains.  Psalm 121 says my Help comes from the Lord. That’s comfort food for me.  I am satisfied knowing that the Lord is keeping me in every situation.




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