More To Give

My Pastor preached a sermon on giving, I had just read a lesson from a book on being generous and I talked to a family member recently about finances and getting their house in order. Coincidences??? I don’t think so. God’s timing is so perfect. I needed to know more about giving and I needed a reminder to give more intentionally. I learned I will continue to have a losing streak trying to beat God giving. My little doesn’t compare to His lot and my small doesn’t measure up to His great. When we give a little God is the one who makes it grow and He is the one who makes it great. We win only by giving more to God simply because we can’t out give a giving God. Give a little more time, more love, more patience, more honor and respect, more prayer, more commitment and watch what happens. Try focusing this week on giving more, you’ll find more to give as you keep on giving.

Prayer: Lord help me give more today than I did yesterday. Amen.

To hear the sermon from January 21, 2018 called, It’s Time To Give click the link Mt Sinai Church

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