Gifts & Givers

GivingIf you’re giving to get, I hope you get this lesson.  I learned a long time ago, giving is not about getting.  It’s all about trusting, believing and worshipping.  Giving is living,  so I worship God by giving a little more to Him each day.  You too can worship by giving. Try giving a moment of your time and help someone who is sick or lonely and feeling down.  Help them see a better day, or even a better hour.  Give of your financial resources and help someone breathe a sigh of relief, keep calm, and relax.  Give of your talents and help someone get to another level.  Help them live out their faith, walk in their gift and put fear aside.  Give yourself some quiet time to pray for others and speak to God on their behalf.  Give a smile or encouraging word to those who feel hopeless and helpless.  Help them live strong by knowing  God is able to give them everything they need.  Each time I worship and give freely  to others without any expectations of getting in return,  God blows my mind with His faithfulness, unfailing love, grace and mercy. When we give to God He gets all the glory.  Now that’s what I call living on pitch.

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Amen. That’s it, sister Lori. I have always been a giver, and notice some have been bothered by it. But I know my giving isn’t in vain, and I thank God for the love of giving, without looking for something, it’s an honor, I enjoy the blessing of giving. God has shown me and my family favor in un explanatory ways. And so giving to me is part of the blessing of giving to God all the glory. The gift to the giver is giving back to the giver when we give to others without expectations we are giving back to God. Was just speaking on the subject of giving with a friend just yesterday, wow! I am delighted to share this post. It’s been a while and so today is the day. Lori!!! 🙂 Miss you and love you. ❤

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