This Is Your Season

I’m learning to appreciate every season of life. I love the Fall season when the leaves change colors and time falls back an hour. I also love this season of giving thanks. I love the Winter season too. I am reminded of God’s gift of love and the nights I spent gathering around the warm fireplace with my family. The Spring season brings about a change with flowers blooming, rain falling and grass turning green. I recall spring cleaning out the garage and setting the clocks forward. Losing an hour of sleep is not the fondest memory I have but the Spring time walks in the park, hiking on beautiful mountain trails and celebrating a Risen Savior are fond memories. So here comes the Summer season. Time to have fun, be lazy by the pool, soak up the sun, ride bikes, play backyard games, write and slow down.

With that said Living On Pitch will be on a summer break hiatus for a month.  I pray you all enjoy your Summer and I will be back posting here soon. Until we meet again I hope you keep living on pitch.

3 replies on “This Is Your Season”

Wishing you the best Summer ever! And thank you for all the seasonal inspirations you have given that are sure to keep me and your followers motivated throughout this beautiful season. It’s surely “summertime” and the living is easy :)! Looking forward to your comeback!

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