Serve or Be Served

Are you serving and encouraging? This thought crossed my mind and hit me hard. Jesus was a servant. He served notice on us and left his commandments, instructions and an example to follow. I recently visited a restaurant and the service was stellar, they paid attention from the moment I walked in. They greeted me with a smile and made sure I was satisfied. They made good suggestions and tended to my table effortlessly. They basically cared about my experience and it showed. I was well pleased. On the other hand I have been to restaurants where the service was not so stellar. I had to do most of the work like seat myself, ask for menus, utensils, condiments and water refills. I noticed the servers rarely checked in on their guests and did not attempt to show they cared about anyone. It was not an encouraging atmosphere. I’m sure they got served with less than in some of their gratuities. This experience reminded me of how I should follow God with more of a servant’s heart and attitude. Tend to the needs of others and encourage them. When we serve joyfully, cheerfully and faithfully with encouragement God is well pleased. Now that’s what I call living on pitch.

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