Ready To Step Up

I walked in a room for a meeting and we were all ready to go. I knew my role and was sure I could do it. The group leader asked me to take another role on because someone didn’t show up. I was surprised and a little bit anxious but I agreed and took a leap. I jumped in and stepped right up to help with a smooth meeting. I learned sometimes stepping up requires you to fill in a gap. It’s not always about taking over. Thank God for the people in your life who can fill in gaps. People who step up with a ready heart that say I can help you with that. Jesus was always stepping up and filling in gaps. Whether He was healing the sick, teaching the disciples, providing food to feed multitudes or noticing others in a crowd, Jesus was ready to step up. He even stepped up to a cross and filled in the gap between sin and salvation ultimately giving us the choice between eternal life and death. I am so grateful to know that when we are called upon to step up and serve others, God always has a unique way of filling in the gaps. We don’t have to take over because God is in control of everything.

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