Celebrating Life

One of my favorite hymns is What A Friend. When I heard about the passing of Aretha Franklin music began to play in my head of her greatest hits. I remembered hearing her voice on my dad’s 8-track. Precious Lord and What A friend were my favorites. My dad played that 8-track on many family road trips when I was a little girl. I know she sang RESPECT but I loved to hear her sing What A Friend mostly! She will definitely be missed and was a well known artist. I often wonder what song will I I be known for? I don’t sing regularly on a stage or travel the world in sold out concerts but I do have a voice. I can tell a story. Will the song of my life matter when I’m gone? I want to live for Christ and leave a legacy of notes about a loving God, a faithful friend, a forgiving Father, a blessed assurance and hope of salvation to all who accept and believe. Thank God for life songs and for the gift of life today. How do you celebrate life?

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