Why It’s Important To Live Life

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This year didn’t start off like other new years.  This year started off with death for me. There was death in my family, death of a friend’s sibling, death of a sorority sister and death of a family pet.  To hear about the death of a Los Angeles based rapper who I didn’t really know ,named Nipsey Hussle reminded me of it again. Death keeps happening and I discovered that it happens just as life happens.  I admit I’ve remained silent about this subject for a long time.  Nobody really likes talking about death and sometimes if we’re being honest, we don’t want to discuss certain realities about life too much either.  Every funeral I’ve attended there has been a look back over someone’s life.  Stories of life events were shared bringing both laughter and tears.  It’s so important to live your life daily to the fullest because others are watching, records are being kept and tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  In the midst of my sorrow over all these different losses I found some reasons to keep living.  My first reason was knowing God is in control of my life. God sets the timer.  God is my strength and eternal hope.  My second reason was to be a blessing and help others wherever I go.  Life can go on after death and if God wakes me up in the morning, that exactly what I plan to do.  Keep going and keep living no matter how bad or unexpected the news is.  There is good news for today,  I can live abundantly with God who is my comfort and so can you.

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