Minutes vs. Hours

Have you ever said  or thought there’s just not enough hours in the day?  I’ll admit I  thought that many times.  I’m learning to work through these things called minutes though.  Managing the minutes of my day is no easy task.  Early this year my church challenged me to read the Bible for 15 minutes a day. They meant everyday too.  I love my church  and the annual focal points each year.  We are reading through the New Testament together this year.  Well, I accepted the challenge and in my mind I thought immediately ok, I can do that.  Sounds easy enough.  I started to read, marked the time off my calendar and set a reminder. That was earlier this year, it’s now September and the  15 minutes a day challenge has me feeling like I didn’t get the memo. I have a confession to make.  I haven’t consistently used my 15  minutes a day to read through the Bible.   I don’t always complete the challenges I accept. I’m  a work in progress and  I really want to do better.  The time is still marked on my calendar.  I still read the Bible, but not for 15 minutes a day with intention.  The reality I face and most of us face is being intentional about using our time.  Mentally blocking out the time to meditate on God’s word is one of the hardest, but most rewarding and fulfilling things we could ever do.  I saw a TV commercial speaking of how 15 minutes could save a person 15% on their insurance.  Most of us have heard talk of  someone getting their 15 minutes of fame.   What’s so special about 15 minutes with God?   I don’t know for sure but I believe forming a habit of  daily bible intake is more than likely better than saving on insurance, or becoming famous for a short time period.    This is not the same thing as tracking progress in an app everyday, drinking 8 glasses of water, or or waiting over 10  minutes for a table at your favorite restaurant.  It’s about showing up, even it it’s just for 1 minute.  I keep telling myself if you can listen to audiobooks for hours, chat on the phone with your friends for hours and watch your favorite tv shows for hours of entertainment then surely you can take a minute or two, maybe even 15 minutes to listen to God, chat with Him and watch Him work things out in your life.  I hope to continue forming the habit of reading the Bible with intention and anticipation.   How do you intentionally use your time?





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