It’s Gettin Heated

Sometimes my coworker friends and I live on the edge at work. When things aren’t right we may get to snapping back at each other, honking the car horn at folks during our lunch ride to our favorite restaurant or negatively putting in our 2 cents on a hot topic subject of management, changes or policy. Sometime it feels good enough just to get it off our chest and tell the person who upset us exactly how we feel.  Other times it doesn’t feel that good. There’s nothing wrong with being direct and honest with others but I have learned two words for when we are easily offended and take things to personally.  Those words are simply this:  SLOW DOWN.  In order to live on pitch we must not be so quick to take offense.  It takes practice, but my friends and I are learning and pushing each other by asking the question out loud who or what are we attacking? When we slow down we are able to ask more important questions like how can we react without attacking? We can learn to slow down by not pretending or defending with harsh words, eye rolls and side eyes. A gentle reminder goes a long way. I thank God for those friends and co workers who help me strive to live on pitch. Work life can knock us off our feet and catch us off guard but God is our Helper. What are some warning signs that show up when you’re offended by others?


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