Two Words on Relationship

The two words today on relationship with God are PAID IT

I don’t know about you but it feels so good when the bills are paid each month and  I can cross them off of my budget  list.  I feel even better when I can get rid of large debts I owe.  Just knowing they are  paid in full brings joy to my soul.  I ‘ve noticed I have more confidence when my debts are erased and when my slate is wiped clean. I change my  attitude because I know I don’t owe.   “No payment due” is what the cross represents for me today.  My sin debt was and is too large. I could never pay back what I owe God, but Jesus paid it and He paid it all.   All my sins were washed away on the cross by a Wonderful Counselor, a Mighty God, the everlasting Father and  Prince of Peace. Aren’t you glad Jesus paid it all for you?  Today I’m sharing a video of  Wess Morgan singing You Paid It All for meditation and reflection.  Enjoy.

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