“On Support”

In support of my friend who always reminds us to keep on thanking, take a look at the latest post from Hertistine Washington.

Keep on Thanking

“Thanking God for Support”

Did you know there are so many supports in life we rarely give thanks for, or thought to during the course of a day? We rarely think of their value as we hurriedly go on our way. How often do we think about the desk we write on, or the chair we sit in, as we pull up to take a rest, or a test? Lord, I thank you for a chair and desk.

How often do we  considered the kitchen counter that’s use to prepare our meals, as we cut, chop, and saute, at our own time and will? What about the stove, that holds and provides heat to our pots and pans, as we fry, boil, and bake, to make tasty food from other lands? Lord, I thank you for a kitchen counter.

Have we thought about our beds, as we lie down every night, supporting our body, arms, legs. . .and head? What a restful sight!…

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