Good Choice


Oops I did it again. I walked by the various booths  in the  expo hall where I saw lots of good things. I stopped at a table that had two shirts on them. One said good, the other said bad. I chose bad almost immediately, not just because they were out of my size in the good shirts but because that’s the message I chose to display to the world. While the purpose of the t-shirt giveaway was to promote a TV show, I had no real specific purpose for choosing the shirt that said bad.  I thought deeper about my choice. Was that really a good choice? I decided after receiving my free shirt that I needed to use this advertisement in a way that will honor God. I thought to myself “go on with yo bad self” and decided that promoting God’s goodness was a good choice and most definitely a better choice. God is always good and He loves and accepts me even when I choose bad over good.  From t-shirts to the everyday testing of my faith I am sending a message about the goodness of God. So today, I am wearing a shirt that says bad but feeling good all because of God’s amazing love and grace.

Psalm 86:5 (ESV) For you O Lord are good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon you.

Psalm 145:9 (ESV) The Lord is good to all, and his mercy is over all that he has made.

4 comments on “Good Choice

  1. TaVon says:

    Nice! He’s good all the time!


  2. Paula Lee says:

    That’s a powerful insight. Encourages me to love my students when their behavior is bad.


  3. Go on with your bad self Lori. Glorify the experience of the good of our Lord. Amen. Keep the devotional writings coming, I am listening, praising God and thanking him for the blessing you share. 2 Thumbs up! 🙂


  4. stineharv says:

    Yes! Thankful we can see God is still good, even when bad is displayed :)! Very inspiring!


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